Rugs USA Shag Area Rug
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Features: This product has the following features:
  • Brand: Rugs USA
  • Material: Wool
  • Weave: Hand Knotted
  • Origin: India
I am pleased with the quality of the rug. It did have a smell for a few days that went away. I haven't noticed any shedding yet. I was a little disappointed that the rug was not more full. The picture made it look very thick and soft.
The look and feel of this rug is amazing! It's the perfect addition to our living room. My 2 year old loves to curl up on our new rug for a movie or roll around on it. Delivery was quick and the rug was in good condition. The only con of this rug is the shedding- boy does it shed! A friend of mine has the same rug and has had hers for a year. She says while it's gotten a lot better, her rug still sheds to the point where she HAS to vacuum AT LEAST twice a week. As of now, I'm vacuuming once a day and 5 minutes later there are fur balls all around. The look and feel of the rug make it worth it but the maintenance is a lot of work. Still, I love it and I'm glad I bought it!
SO in love with this rug!! Looked exactly like the pictures and such a good addition to my new house :)
So cute! I has tiny smell when you first start using it but it goes away very quickly!
The shipping is very fast, I got this rug shipped to my place(California) within a week. The material is pretty good, it shreds a little bit, you might need to vacuum the rug a little bit in the first couple days. And then it is fine.
Decent rug, and good value for money with the 75% off coupon that I had. Rug gives off a lot of "fluff" due to shedding, but according to other reviews, this will fade off over time.
This rug is everything I was hoping for and more! It is well made and the unique hand tied tassels at the ends truly elevated my space.RugsUSA always provides me with stylish options at a great price.This rug has help up very well so far. I have a dog who sheds a lot so I vacuum often, and this hasn't effected to rug negatively at all.
Looks amazing! SO happy with this purchase. Price was awesome with the sale. There is this EXACT rug so many other places, like urban outfitters, for 3Xs the price. Got it in less than a week.
I really love the look of the rug, but my goodness I have been vacuuming non-stop. There is fuzz over my entire house! I really hope the shedding stops soon because it is a lovely rug, just a HUGE pain right now. I am not sure I would recommend because the mess so far has not been worth the good looks.
Love the way it looks, but sheds A LOT!!! If you sit on it you are covered in whi
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